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History and Honor

1980. The State Publication Administration authorized China Patent Bureau to set up the Patent Literature Publishing House.

Feb. 1981 Trial Issue of Invention and Patent

Apr. 1984 The State Economic Commission authorized China Patent Bureau to set up printing factory of the Patent Literature Publishing House with 328 employees.
Sep. 1985 First Issue of Chinese Patent Gazette and Chinese Patent Specification

Mar. 1988 The first book titled World Invention(3) with International Standard Book Number7-80011-000-1 was officially published.

Aug.1992 The Patent Literature Publishing House developed the first patent database CD-ROM in China, marking the E-era of Chinese patent literature publishing.

Jan. 1994 The CD-ROM of Chinese Patent Specification was officially published by the Patent Literature Publishing House.

1994 Beijing ZHONG XIAN Electronic Technology and Development Center signed the first contract about document processing with Ericsson, Ltd, Sweden and maintained steady business ties with Audi, Boeing, etc.
Jun.1999 China Intellectual Property Right Net(www.cnipr.com)was officially set up. The patent information was published on Internet so as to provide convenience for the public to search and browse Chinese patent literature.

Oct.1999 With the approval of the State Press and Publication Administration, the Patent Literature Publishing House was renamed Intellectual Property Publishing House (IPPH).

Nov.2001 The new edition of SIPO website (www.sipo.gov.cn)was officially set up.

Nov.2001 China IP Yearbook, hosted by SIPO and edited by IPPH, was officially published.

May.2003 With the approval of Ministry of Science and Technology and the State Press and Publication Administration, China Invention and Patent was co-founded by IPPH and Chinese Association of Inventors.

Dec.2003 CNIPR.com was awarded Internet Publishing Certificate issued by the State Press and Publication Administration along with 50 web portals such as SINA and SOHU.
Apr.2005 Journalists from China Invention and Patent Magazine and CNIPR.com, along with the People's Daily, XINHUA News Agency, CCTV,etc, did interviews in the provinces around China to broadcast IP protection from Chinese government, corporations and all circles of the society.

Jun.2005 The English edition of Examining Guidebook was published.

2006 The website of IPPH(www.ipph.cn)was officially set up.

Mar.2007 IPPH revised the English edition of SIPO.com.

Apr.2008 The English CNIPR.com was officially set up. The English search system for Chinese patents was developed with online machine translation.

Sep.2009 IPPH devised TRIPO.com.

Nov.2009 CNIPR.com, hosted by IPPH, was awarded TOP 30 Publishing Websites in 2009.

2009 IPPH and EPO signed two contracts dealing with Chinese patent literature translation, providing customed translation for EPO examiners and European public.