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China Invention and Patent Magazine

  China Inventions & Patent is a core and widespread magazine in China’s intellectual property domain. As the only magazine sponsored by SIPO, China Inventions & Patent was initiated in 2004 with a large influence in China, especially in IP field.

  China Inventions & Patent covers all aspects of intellectual property in China including in-depth look of significant IP affairs, typical IP cases, legislative information, statistical analysis of industries, etc. It focuses on giving guidance to enterprises.

  Our main readers are the managers of IP departments in the enterprises. In the year of 2011, SIPO distributed 1000 copies of our magazine to 1000 IPR model enterprises as a way of supporting their IPR work. Local Intellectual Property Offices have also implemented supportive policies to book China Invention & Patent for the local IP model enterprises. In2011, China Invention & Patent magazine was subscribed by over 20000 enterprises. We have had over 30000 effective readers so far.

  The editorial board of China Inventions & Patent is composed of influential people in IP domain. Tian Lipu, president of SIPO, is the chief editorial board member.